My Story

I figured when I would begin to write this “about me” page I would stare at the screen. I always felt compelled to write my entire existence here on this one page as if it would be enough room. As though it would be efficient. As if you all wouldn’t have to take breaks. It low-key terrified me, I have to say. But as I’m sitting here now, about to begin after all this time, I realize that all I have to do is to just say what’s on my heart.


Karla Noél Design

I’m Karla. I’m a creative. What that means to me is someone who sees in design, color and beauty. Someone who likes to create things with their own imagination and hands. A person who is determined to find out how something is made just as much as they appreciate the final result. Someone who has a true aching desire to make the world gorgeous…even if it’s with their own set of unique eyes. One who wants to share it, that creative life, with anyone who will look & listen. That’s who I am.

It’s an ongoing blessing to be a part of life on this level. And I’m so, so very happy you’re here. For those of you who have known me over the years, heeeeeeyyyyy!!!! For those just being introduced to me and my design, sup yo?! Welcome to my home.


I strive to create what I dare to imagine.


So who the heck is Karla Noél anyway? I’m that self taught, half-fro, black Martha of an artist who has the two sets of back-to-back twins, a savant older boy, a knack for not taking myself too seriously, owns many pairs of converse, earbuds in listening to Panic on the other end, crochet hook in hand, purple glitter craving, Sekou Black loving chick. Oh…and the one who designs her ass off for the love it all ^_~

Right now I have a digital design store over at The Digital Press where I get to offer all sorts of memory keeping goodies to those who like my flavor of design. You’ll find collections, papers, stickers, stamps, notions, word art, cut-files, page templates, custom fonts and those KN extras that are subtle gems to take your design to the next level. Then there is my cut-file design shop over at Silhouette. So very honored to be there as I’m able to play with meaningful sentiments, intricate lace and super useful shapes for everyone from designer to hobbyist. My dream is to make tangible items like acrylic stamps and paper crafting collection. (Waving my arms over here scrapbook companies!!!) Other than designing for both of these stores I love to create art.

Art has been a love and knack of mine since childhood. I remember when it “clicked” for me. I asked this boy, Daniel, who was savvy with a pencil to draw for me back in elementary school. He asked what I would like him to draw and I told him “a dog” Don’t you know he drew that dog?! Right in from of my eyes. It changed my life. I’m telling you…I was never the same. At least I started to believe in something more. Art is a constant in my life. It’s a release, it’s just rad. I’m thrilled to share it with you. My journey of likes, dislikes, ebbs & flows… You can follow my art over on my Instagram, my blog and you can also view my Art•Book gallery and see how I roll 🙂

So yeah, that’s a little about my art and design. But there’s another chapter happening right now…


I’m so in love; twice over…

Not only am I freshly engaged to my high school sweetheart, we’re so freakin’ overjoyed to be bringing in a new soul into this world! Due late March, we are loving every single day in waiting for this little one to arrive. (and yes, it’s just one this time lol) We’re seriously over the moon! So exited to document and share his or her sweet story. Oh man…anyway…smiling n’ shiz…

in love - @thatlayeredlife

Speaking of being in love, Sekou is my soulmate; the guy you will see here often. He’s my everything, my rock, my happy, my best friend, my soulmate and the one I can rock a fedora with. You’ll get to know him well as we journey through & share this Layered Life we live. Inseparable and together in it all…we’re in love and it shows ^_^

Ok, I think I’m going to end it here. It wasn’t as bad as I thought hehe…and I have to pee. Again, welcome to my home you guys. Thank you SO much for being here. So much is to come. With you and me both I really feel anything can happen. Let’s freakin’ do this!

Karla Noél Design