Hello, and welcome to my stop along the August 2018 DigiScrap Parade route!

This is where you’ll find my FREEBIE download… as well as where you can get a peek at some of the fantastic $1 deals I’ll have for you this month, as a part of The Digital Press’s giant August 2018 $1 PENNYSAVER event (between August 1-31, 2018)!

First, the Parade goodies… 

Simply click the preview, above, to download this FREEBIE (or you can also use THIS LINK HERE). To continue following the Parade, use the links that appear below (at the bottom of this page, in bold).

Meanwhile, you won’t want to miss this… The Digital Press is holding its bi-annual $1 PENNYSAVER event this month (yup… amazing $1 deals in addition to the free Parade goodies you just grabbed, up above!)…

Throughout the month of August 2018, I’ll be adding additional $1 items into this category on Tuesdays and Fridays… so keep checking back, and you’ll be rewarded with some truly amazing deals all month long! 


If you landed here at my site today because you’re following the DigiScrap Parade from start to finish, then you likely arrived here from Studio Flergs‘ site and your next stop will be The Digital Press. If you get lost along the way, simply head back to the main Parade web site to view the master list and get yourself back on track! ENJOY THE REST OF THE PARADE!

Enjoy the free goodies you’ll find up above… and the awesome PENNYSAVER deals that will be available at The Digital Press throughout this entire month (August 1-31, 2018). I hope you’ll join us at The Digital Press for all of the fun we have planned throughout August!